Kids X-Press, Inc. Recognizes Stephen Jones as “Dream Big” Honoree at Annual Touch the Sky Reception

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Jones Morrison, LLP is pleased to announce Stephen Jones, our managing partner, was recognized as a “Dream Big” honoree at Kids X-Press Inc.’s Annual Touch the Sky reception.


Steve expressed his appreciation saying, “Reading has been for me a window on the world, past, present and future. I have connected with people I will never meet, some who never existed. Reading and my books have been constant companions and the path to a bigger future. The work of Kids X-Press is of unlimited opportunity. Thanks to you for the recognition.”


Kids X-Press, Inc. is a non-profit organization that promotes learning, literacy and leadership to children of all backgrounds and abilities.  Through its magazine and program, Kids X-Press, Inc. encourages children to express themselves by providing them with a forum through which they can communicate.  Marsha Tom, Executive Director of Kids X-Press said, “We were proud to recognize an impressive list of honorees who come from a variety of fields and embody the very lessons that Kids X-Press espouses to its students: that success can be achieved through hard work, determination and dreaming big.  Events like ‘Touch the Sky’ enable us to enrich, support and develop young talent from throughout our communities and further.”


Stephen Jones, along with several other honorees, was acknowledged for being a role model to the children that participate with Kids X-Press.  The other honorees included Brooke Baldwin, CNN Reporter/Anchor; Peter Herrero, Founder and General Manager of New York Hospitality Group; Tom Kallish, Founder of Tommie Copper, Inc.; Kenneth Theobalds, Vice President of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Entergy Nuclear; and Nivia Viera, founder of Kids X-Press and magazine publisher, who retired in May after 14 years with the organization.  ”All of the honorees have made incredible contributions to the community and we are thankful for their passion to make a difference,” said Yuval Marcus, chairman of the Kids X-Press Board of Directors.


The event was held at C.V. Rich Mansion in White Plains on October 28, 2015.  For more information about Kids X-Press, Inc., visit here.
Stephen J. Jones
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