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Our Long-Term Commitment to our Clients

Theresa Strawbridge

Theresa Strawbridge

Our client permanently relocated to Europe and after many years fell out of contact with us.  We had no current contact information.  We learned that substantial unclaimed funds had been identified belonging to her.  We accepted the funds and held them in trust.  For two years Theresa Strawbridge of our staff pursued the task of locating her, even consulting with her country’s consulate.

This month Theresa located a family member in Europe who re-connected us to our client.  Within a few days we were able to wire her money to her.  No charge.  “I thought to myself, I hope someone would do the same thing for me,” said Theresa Strawbridge, office assistant.

Theresa’s caring and diligence is commendable and typical of our long-term commitment to our clients.

We encourage our clients to have regular communication with our firm.  We want to be to provide counsel to you on all aspects of your business and life.  As this case study shows, “Hey, you never know…”.


Stephen J. Jones
Direct Dial For All Offices