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Employment Law Issues


If you are a restaurant owner, or any business owner, you should be thinking about employment law issues and how Jones Morrison can help you understand them and implement solutions. Even simple actions, such as posting signs in the workplace about state and federal laws, and ensuring you are in compliance with the New York State minimum wage increase to $8.75 per hour as of January 1, 2015. Our clients (and the federal courts) have seen a dramatic increase in unpaid and underpaid wage and hour and overtime claims. Whether driven by a struggling economy or increased awareness of workers’ rights, employers need to be careful – particularly about the classification of employees as “exempt” from federal and state overtime laws. From helping create a personnel handbook to make sure policies are clearly defined for employees to exploring employment agreements for top managers and executives, Jones Morrison can help avoid future legal issues and allow you to keep your mind on the dinner rush.

Stephen J. Jones
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