Matrimonial & Family Law


Westchester County, New York City, Connecticut

Our attorneys are skilled in all areas of matrimonial and family law. While many clients are able to negotiate a resolution of matters with our professional assistance, we are prepared to vindicate our clients’ rights through trial when necessary. For the preparation and trial of contested divorces, we address the following issues:

  • Equitable distribution including division of property such as businesses, professional practices (medical, dental, legal etc.), licenses, degrees, retirement plans, executive compensation and real estate.
  • Child custody including child relocation, child support and parental visitation.
  • Special economic situations such as undisclosed income and tax evasion and the valuation of businesses.
  • Special psychological situations including alcoholism, addictions and mental illness.
  • Domestic violence to ensure safety.
  • Maintenance (NY)/Alimony (CT) for spousal support and the rehabilitation of the non-monied spouse’s income earning capacity including obtaining funds for re-education and training to increase income.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements, for purpose of defining legal responsibilities and protecting assets as for example in a second marriage.

Mediation or Collaborative Law provides an alternative to the Court system suitable for some divorcing individuals. For more information, see the Collaborative Law and Mediation Section.


Collaborative law is a reasonable, cost-effective approach to divorce based on three principles: a pledge to reach a stable and fair legal agreement without going to court; an honest exchange of information by both spouses, and a solution that takes into account the highest priorities of both spouses and children.

Our Collaborative Law attorneys work with clients to find innovative and creative solutions to all aspects of divorce, allowing them to keep control of the decisions leading to an out-of-court settlement. Separated spouses, with the assistance of specially trained lawyers, negotiate their issues in a controlled, safe and respectful setting.

Divorce mediation is a confidential and informal process that resolves the issues of equitable distribution of assets, child support, custody, and visitation without the high cost of litigation. Unlike arbitration, the mediator does not act as a judge, but is free to participate in the discussion to help both parties agree on a fair result.